3 People Every Single Mom Needs to Hire

Parenting is hard.

When you become an adult there’s a lot of things you need to take care of. Housing, car bills, utilities — they all add up. But when you become a parent, not only do you have the adult responsibilities, but somehow, you have a whole other little being completely dependent on you for everything.

It’s terrifying.

Make it easier by getting the right help. 

Having the right help can make things so much easier for us moms. We need the support and sometimes family, friends or partners just don’t give the right kind of help. So here are three kinds of help every single mom needs to have, and how to find them.

Every single mom needs a babysitter.

Reliable childcare is super important and a huge necessity.  Whether you just need an hour to catch up on your sleep, or a couple of hours for a medical appointment, having someone you can count on to take care of your kids is a huge help.

Grandparents, neighbours and friends are often our go-to sources, but sometimes they aren’t enough. So find at least one or two reliable babysitters you can call when you need childcare.

How to find:

Post an ad. Set a budget and make a list of what you need. Interview more than one! Don’t forget to get police or background checks and references, and actually call those references. And create your own go-to list of who to call, in an emergency or when you need child care.

Every single mom needs a repairman or handyman.

Things break. Usually at the most inconvenient and expensive time. Whether it’s in your home or on your vehicle, you can count on something breaking just when you need it most.

So when things break, we need someone to come help and fix them. Again, partners, family and friends might be able to come through in a pinch, but not everyone is qualified to be able to make the right kinds of repairs.

Would you know who to call if your toilet starts running, and your water bill goes up? Do you know what to do if your car doesn’t start, even when you get it boosted?

How to find:

First, make sure you have some kind of roadside assistance. You may already have it through a credit card or other membership, that you don’t know about. Check your insurance, credit card, or wholesale memberships for details.

Second, interview repairmen and repair facilities. While this may be sexist to suggest, take a male friend or family member with you. Use Google reviews, Facebook reviews and word-of-mouth referrals to help you find someone you can trust.

Third, write down the numbers for a plumber, handyman, and vehicle garage for emergency. That way you have a go-to list in case of emergency. Develop relationships with these people. They might be willing to go out of their way to help you out

For example, recently my car wouldn’t start. I had it boosted but it still didn’t start. The garage I use is a half-block from me, and because I’ve been a long-time customer, they were willing to send out a mechanic to my home to try to fix it there and save me a towing bill. Now that’s service!

Every single mom needs a hairdresser.

Ok I know this seems like an odd one to include, since getting your hair done is considered to be a “luxury” by most. But looking your best and having a place to relax, such as at a salon, is actually essential to your well-being.

Few women can cut their own hair. And most of us wouldn’t be comfortable trimming a friend’s hair, or letting a friend do that for us, unless they had skills or training. So getting it down by a trained stylist isn’t a luxury — it’s a necessity.

How to find:

Get reviews and recommendations. When choosing a salon, ask questions and be very specific about what you want. A good stylist will appreciate your direction, and will also be able to give you ideas about your hair and looks.

Build a relationship with a salon, and get comfortable with your stylist. They’ll accommodate you when they know they can count on your business. And if you have children, try to find a salon that’s family friendly. A good hairdresser will not only look for your satisfaction, but knows the value of making your kids feel comfortable too. Because those kids may end up being customers for life as well.

Good help is hard to find.

But good help is essential to minimizing your stress and maximizing your ability to cope. Find the right help can make the difference between panic and calm in a crisis. Having that support can make your life a lot easier.

What kinds of people are your go-to list?

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