About Raising Royalty

They tell me every blog needs an “About Me” page. Supposedly people want to know about the author.. who knew?

So about me:

Basics — I’m a single mama raising princesses.  We live in a small city in southern Ontario, Canada. I rent a house (because I refuse to own), and we live comfortably, though not luxuriously by Western standards, with a yard, a home, and a minivan. We have one cat, no pests, and a gorgeous deck to relax on.

I’m a woman who’s seen a lot and done a lot of things, good and bad. Lots to regret but lots more that I treasure. This blog is part personal journal, part resource for those who may be or are going to be in the same situation I have been.

  • I’m a Christian.

    I may not have all the answers, and I’m definitely not perfect. I don’t like organized church much, and I struggle a lot with current theology. But I love Jesus, and I know He loves me, and I try to trust Him with the details.

  • I’m a mother of  six!.

    My children are gorgeous, talented, adorable, incredible princesses, currently preteen to preschooler.  Having a large, closely-spaced family is challenging, loud and very fun. Unexpectedly in the fall of 2016, I fell pregnant again, and baby girl number 6 joined us July 2017!  I have a unique philosophy on parenting, some of which you can read here. 

  • I’m a homeschooler.

    I teach my girls at home, using a combination of unit studies, lapbooks, living books and yes, even a few workbooks. We love books around here, so much so, that I keep running out of shelves! But for a book-lover like us, there’s never “too many books” just not enough shelves. For help in homeschooling, start here.

  • I’m divorced.

    You can read the story of my marriage and divorce beginning here. In short, I met him in 2006. We were married in 2008. We were separated due to violence in 2010. Then we tried a reconciliation in 2011. But we separated again in 2013. The divorce was final in 2014.

  • I’m a special needs mom.

    My 2nd daughter has mild intellectual disability, sensory processing disorder, developmental delays and is possibly on the autism spectrum (though at the time of this writing, that is still not official). It’s been a long journey, many specialists, therapists, tests and assessments, and that will probably continue.

  • I’m a researcher.

    I have a unique mind for trivia and making connections. My friends, family and circle of acquaintances know me as the go-to person for just about any question they might have, from parenting to politics. My nickname has often been a “walking encyclopedia”. Feel free to contact me here if you have a question, and I’ll get back to you with an answer. Or you can check out my business and blog!

Who I am and what I do grows and changes as my family does. It’s a never-ending story. Hang on — we’re still getting started.

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