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Family Management Tools

Does managing a large family mean you have to be a supermom?  Or do you just need the right family management tools? I’m a single mom of 6, and some days it feels like I’m juggling a dozen balls, while somebody’s greased them.  While some days, I feel like everything’s…

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How do I get my kid to sleep??

Help! How do I get my kid to sleep better? I get so frustrated when my kids won’t or can’t sleep at night. Not only does it mean they will be grumpy in the morning, but as a single parent, I treasure my sleep, and my evenings after bedtime.  I…

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Do you need more sleep?

Our sleep needs change as we grow. The amount of sleep we need can fluctuate with growth spurts, developmental milestones and of course, health and illness. You can need more sleep depending on how your body is growing, changing and how your hormones are interacting. Our bodies are complicated chemistry…

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