Holiday Roundup: Giving Gifts and Making My List

Getting into the Spirit of Christmas

There have been a few days now where we’ve woken up to a white lawn. And the stores are playing suspiciously familiar songs again. Everyone seems to be getting into the spirit of the season now.  For me, it’s list-making season, more than any other season. (Yes I love my lists!)

You know I make lists for everything. I have a list of cookies to bake. I list out what I want to do for decorations – inside and out. And of course, I have gift lists, and lists of people to buy for.

Need some ideas?

Are your lists lacking inspiration? Need more gift-giving ideas? Check out these great posts!

Susan from Homeschool with Love: First, get into the Christmas spirit with this great little poem from Susan. It’s The Homeschool Mom’s 12 Days of Christmas! Bet you’ll be singing it before long..

Colleen at Hopeless MomAntics: Colleen starts us off with the Top 10 Holiday 2017 Gifts for Kids. So if you need ideas for your kids this year, check out this post.

Brandi from Chicken Scratch Diaries: Need more ideas for the kids? Brandi gives a list of some affordable options that are still full of play value and fun. Here’s 30 Affordable Gifts Kids will Love.

Sara from Magical Mama: Nevermind Toys ‘R’ Us. Sara here gives you a great toy guide, complete with descriptions of how real kids used them. The Christmas Toy Guide targets younger children too.

Lists I need:

Allison from The Homeschool Collective:  This is my first year with a true teenager in the house. So I need this gift list. Allison’s list of Stocking Stuffers for Teens is perfect timing for me! I think I may look for that first one on the list.

Amanda from Hide the Cookie Jar:  So we’ve covered the kids, but what about other people on the list? Well Amanda’s got you covered.  Her Gift Guide for the Planner Addict will give you some cool, unique, ideas, even if that certain someone isn’t exactly a planner.

Holly at Mrs Savvy Saver: This post isn’t for you mom, but for you to share with your significant others, in your life. Us moms get forgotten a lot, and most of us, when asked about our wants, have no idea what to even suggest. Holly has your list here. So don’t read Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom. Just share it.

‘Tis the Season for Giving

I honestly think giving is the best part of Christmas. Carefully choosing gifts, picking them specifically for those on my list, is so much fun. And then seeing the surprise and pleasure on their faces when they see what I got them just makes my happiness grow. Really, the old saying is true. It’s better to give than to receive.

**Gift lists got you going crazy? Your budget out of control? You need the From Stress to Bliss Holiday PlannerTake the overwhelm out of your holidays, so you can sit back and enjoy. You got this!**

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