Holiday Roundup: Family Traditions

I’m in the middle of finalizing my holiday calendar. There are so many things I want to do with my kids, and only so much time. Plus, since I split my weekends with my children’s fathers, I only have half the weekends to do things with my kids! But we have some family traditions that we never miss.

Family traditions make holidays special

When you think of holiday seasons, it isn’t necessarily the decorations, the food or the gifts themselves that come to mind. It’s the memories of the people you shared that with. Traditions bring people together. Traditions help make those memories.

Do you have family traditions? Maybe you have a winter bonfire after getting a live tree. Or maybe it’s a Christmas cookie party, where you and a bunch of friends trade off varieties of cookies. (If you need new cookie recipes, grab my free download!) Perhaps your family never misses Christmas Eve service at church.

Traditions bring the family together

It’s these special traditions that bring grown children home every year. After all, Christmas doesn’t feel like Christmas unless you have Christmas Dinner with grandma and grandpa. When you start your own family, it’s important to have these traditions to help bind the new family together too.

Whether you want a variation on an old tradition, or you’d like to start something new, check out the posts below for family activities.


Lara at Everyday Graces: Do you use an advent calendar? Lara gives you a twist on the traditional calendar with her A Charlotte Mason Inspired Advent Journey.

Angel at Living Life Well: Another variation on the advent calendar is detailed in Angel’s review of The Shepherd on the Search here in The Shepherd has Landed.

Focus on Christ

Jen from Jen Merkling: A special Christian Christmas tradition is the Jesse Tree. Don’t know what that is? Check out Jen’s post Jesse Tree Christmas Tradition

Family Fun

Ashley from Forgetful Momma: Need family activities? Check out Ashley’s Christmas bucket list! Everything from snacks, games, and Christmas traditions are included, in an easy check-off format. 

Josephine at Better As Us: For another great activity list, Josephine gives us her memory-making holiday bucket list. Grab your printable version of The Only Holiday Bucket List You Need to Get you In the Spirit.

Getting Together

Missy from Party Through the USA: Road trips are often a huge part of Christmas holiday traditions. Going to see friends, relatives or even just a holiday family vacation can mean a long drive. Missy gives some great suggestions for Great Toys for Road Trips and Travel.

Laura at Chaos&Quiet: Laura also shares some great activities for all ages on your trips this winter. Her road trip games, complete with rules, are perfect for those long drives to Grandma’s house. Check out How to Survive a Road Trip with Kids.

Educational Holiday Fun

Susan from Homeschool With Love: What’s Christmas without a Nativity? Here’s a new tradition to try from Susan. Free Printable Nativity Ornament

Carla at Preschool Powol Packets: More new things to keep the kids busy this holiday season. Carla has some great STEM & Science Christmas Activities on her blog. These look awesome to try!

Try a new tradition? Jazz up an old one

Christmas is a great time to make memories. Try some new traditions. Or maybe spice up some old family favorites with a twist. No matter what your plans are, or as busy as the season may get for you, make sure you spend time with your family. These family traditions will help you remember what really matters this season: love.

What is your favorite family tradition for Christmas?

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