Holiday Roundup: Christmas Treats and Recipes

Delightful Holidays

The delights of the holiday season include the smells and tastes of Christmas treats. I have such a sweet tooth, that it’s hard to resist all the special dishes that only come out at this time of year. It’s no wonder that January is the biggest month for gym membership and fitness equipment sales!

Whether you love the savory dishes for Christmas dinner, or the sweet desserts and yummy seasonal treats, there’s something for every taste and wish. Maybe you’ll try something new this year?

Sweet Treats

Allison from Homeschool Collective: So one of my favorite Christmas cookies is a good shortbread. When Allison here gave me her recipe, I was in heaven. Try this Authentic Scottish Shortbread!!

Kate from A Hundred Affections: This is one of those unique ideas that is so cool about the holiday season. It not only sounds delicious, but you get a great gift idea too! Check out Kate’s Nativity Christmas Story Trail Mix.

Helen from Cooking With My Kids: Now if you really want to get baking or cooking with your kids, Helen always has you covered. I think I want to try making those Christmas wreaths. So adorable! You’ve got to see her Top Festive Bakes.

Dinner Favs

Michelle from Midlife Blogger: I know Christmas dinner always has a few traditional dishes. But you may want to spice up this year’s menu with a twist. Try this Cranberry – Grape Salad for a different flavor on your Christmas dinner table.

Lucy from BeanStalk Mums: For an international flavor, you have to see Christmas Cooking with Kids. Lucy shares a bunch of recipes from her homeland of Australia — with some great varieties on old favorites. Those reindeer pancakes are too cute!

Making it Pretty

Allison from The Homeschool Collective: Don’t forget the table all those awesome Christmas dishes are going on. Allison’s got you with her post on Setting the Christmas Table.

Happy Holidays!!

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