Homeschool 101: Find a homeschool conference near you!

Going to a conference

Homeschool conventions are great places to go no matter what stage of homeschooling you’re at.  The information and workshops, the support and networking and the chance to check out curriculum options are invaluable. Veteran homeschoolers will love the ability to catch up with old friends, and score great deals on their next year’s curriculum. Beginning homeschoolers will appreciate the opportunity to leaf through books and resources in person, as well as learn more about this lifestyle choice. And those new to homeschooling will gain much from the wide range of topics and speakers offered at a conference.  Homeschool conferences have so much to offer every homeschooler, and should be a must-do on every homeschooler’s list.

Where and When?

But where and when are conventions held? Most conferences are scheduled between the months of March and June. This usually coincides with the end of the traditional school year. It’s also when many families will start considering their homeschool plans for the next school year.  So heading to a conference is part of the planning process. There is a conference or convention held in every state of the US, every province in Canada, and many other places around the world.  There are even online versions for those who don’t have anything nearby.

Too many to List

For me to find and list every single convention or conference available would not only take more time than I have – it would make this post huge! Luckily, there are several places you can go to find one near you.

US:  Homeschool Conventions and  Secular Homeschool

Canada: Canada Home Education or Online

UK: Educate Yourself

** If you have a list of local groups or conferences that will be updated every year, please feel free to comment. I’ll add you to the list!**

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