Keys to Parenting: Family, Fun and Friendship

How do you maintain relationships with your kids, long after they are grown? By being friends. It starts when they’re little. Foster friendship in your family, between your kids, and with your kids. How? Here are 9 great tips.

I’m Guest Posting over at One Determined Life!  Anne Markey is a married mom of 3. She writes to help women be better moms, wives and friends, and live the best lives they can! She offers parenting advice and Christian living tips on her blog and on Facebook.

My parents and family are some of my closest friends. I respect their opinion and like their company. My goal as a parent is to have the same relationship with my kids. But how do I foster that type of relationship with my kids?

Today, I am honored to have Sarah Wall as a guest writer for my blog. She has 6 kids and knows what it takes to build those relationships. To connect it’s Sarah, you can read her blog here, or connect with her on Facebook, and Pinterest. To get more info, read her bio at the end of the post



Having friends is vital to our well-being as people. But it should start at home. One of the keys to parenting successfully is fun and friendship. The reason my friend and I couldn’t seem to get together was that we were both prioritizing our families, and protecting that valuable family time.

Family time is essential to good parenting. I talked about in a previous post the necessity of being present to parent. You can’t parent at all if you aren’t there. But being present doesn’t always mean time spent as a family.


It’s a cliche saying, but it’s so true. If you want a relationship with your kids once they are grown and gone (and I think most of us do!) then you need to create those bonds and memories now.

A great way to bond with your kids is to have fun with them. Learn what they love to do and do it with them. Turn up the music and have a dance party. Play games and have wrestling matches. Anything that makes your child smile and have fun with you is a great idea. These moments create bonds that last a lifetime.

How do you have fun as a family?

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