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    Plan your Day Planner


    I created Plan Your Day to fit my life into one, easy-to-use, compact system. It’s a top-down approach to planning, with the idea that if you fit the “big rocks” in first, the “sand” of the details will fall into place easier. And it’s designed to make your daily planning take less than five minutes of your time.

    When something fits just right, and it’s easy to do, you will keep doing it. Especially when it makes your life better.

    Make your daily planning easy, and make your life easier with the Plan your Day planner.

  • Not Just Surviving Workbook


    Create a life that you feel good about — not one where you’re just going through the motions.

    You can do more than just survive. It’s time to take control and THRIVE!

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  • Daily Journal


    Use this gorgeous daily journal to track your everyday to-dos, record your thoughts, dreams and goals, and jot down your success and gratitude.

  • Road Trip Checklist


    Are you planning a road trip with the family, and dreading it? Don’t forget a thing with this handy checklist. Print it off and make packing easy.

  • Plan your Holiday Planner




    Plan your Holiday Planner — everything you need to make this the most fun holiday season ever.

    Stay on time and on budget. And don’t forget any of those traditions that make the holidays special.

    Get your copy here.

  • Your Summer Vacation Beach Trip Checklist!


    Going to the beach is fun. It’s a relatively cheap, family friendly activity, that everyone can enjoy. But if you forget something important, you might have to end your trip early.

    So make your day memorable for all the right reasons. Use this checklist to make sure that you don’t forget anything!

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