Getting Started with Homeschooling


Congratulations on your decision to homeschool your children! Welcome to homeschooling. Grab this guide to help you get started, easily, legally, and organized. Get rid of the overwhelm, confusion and uncertainty, and feel confident in your choice. Homeschooling is so worth it.



How do you get started in homeschooling?

Congratulations on your decision to homeschool your children! Welcome to homeschooling. It’s a big step. And you may be wondering just how this works. Worry no more. You’ve found your guide to getting started!

Get Started Easily

Are you nervous about homeschooling? Don’t be overwhelmed. All you need is this little instruction manual. Follow the steps inside and you’ll know exactly what you need to do. You’ll even get a quick introduction to the terms most often used, so you won’t be confused anymore.

I’ll make sure you know how to homeschool legally, get organized and find all the materials you need to give your kids the best education. So you can feel confident in your decision. No matter why you want to homeschool, or what your lifestyle is — or even what country you live in! — this guide will give you everything you need to know to get started.

What’s inside?

  • A step-by-step checklist to help you set up
  • What it means to “deschool”
  • A list of deschooling activities
  • Short descriptions of the most popular methods of homeschooling. (Find the best fit for your family!)
  • Printable charts and planner pages (The same ones I use in my own homeschool!)


Check out the questionnaire you can use to figure out your child’s learning style and your personal teaching style. Getting to know yourself and your kids will help make homeschooling fit your lifestyle! After all, homeschooling isn’t just an educational choice, it’s a lifestyle choice. This quick read will help you make sure your homeschooling fits your family values and goals.

I want to help

I’ve homeschooled for over 10 years. My ebook is based on everything I’ve learned and tried over those years.  It’s what I wish I had when I got started! I’ve homeschooled in many different situations, and I know it’s possible, no matter what circumstances you may face.

What about homeschooling special needs? The same steps apply to special needs kids as they do to typical kids. You can homeschool your special needs child! In fact, you may find, like I did, that your special needs child does better at home.

What if I need to work? Many parents work and homeschool. In fact, I homeschool as a single parent! So it can be done. Homeschool doesn’t need to look like public school, so let this ebook help you customize homeschooling to fit your family’s needs.

What if I don’t have any support?Well you do now! Your family and friends may not understand or support your decision. That’s ok! They aren’t living your life, and you have good reasons for choosing to homeschool. Let this guide help you find the right support for you, whether that’s online or locally. And you can always contact me!

All you need is the right support. And Getting Started with Homeschooling is the first piece of that support. Take away the uncertainty and questions. Make your introduction to homeschooling easy.

For more homeschooling help, start with these FAQ.

What are you waiting for? Happy homeschooling!


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