Single Mom Roundup: Who I follow & what I’m reading

I spend a lot of time reading (online and offline), collecting tidbits and tools. There are a few authors and blogs that I come back to over and over again. Some I find inspiring, some are a great distraction, some are because I so relate. In no particular order, I present my online and offline reading list:

Online Reading:

Kristina Kuzmic  — Kristina is one of the few video-based bloggers that I do follow. Her videos are hilarious. And make me nod my head and say “been there, done that”. You’ve probably seen at least one of her videos, as they go viral pretty often.

Jess – Diary of a Mom — With a developmentally disabled child, what Jess writes is so encouraging.  Though my daughter’s diagnosis isn’t autism, and Jess has an autistic daughter, there are many experiences that we’ve had in common. Her blog gives me hope, help and so many light bulb moments.

Ann Voskamp – A Holy Experience — Ann is actually local to me, here in southern Ontario, Canada, though I’ve never met the lady. Her writing is poetic and poignant. When I need a good cry, I read Ann’s blog.

Jami Amerine – Sacred Ground, Sticky Floors — Jami is a mom of many, some by birth, some by adoption. Her stories of her two little boys are often downright fall-down-laughing hilarious. She even manages to convey, via text, the nuances of speech from 3 and 5 year old boys. I read her blogs, and not only am I entertained, but I don’t feel so alone — my family has its weird moments too!

Amanda – Messy Motherhood — Amanda is a former child therapist, turned SAHM, turned blogger. She gives tons of great tips on managing all the stages of parenting.. including the dirt and boogers. When I’m stumped, I can usually find some ideas here.

Offline Reading:

Large Family Logistics — Christian based, and written by a mom of 9, this describes tips, tricks and tools for the large family (specifically homeschooling). Like most things, you take what works for you, and leave the rest. But there are a lot of nice little nuggets that you may not think of when you’re in the trenches of toilet training and training bras.

One Thousand Gifts — This is one of those books that I honestly resisted buying. I try to stay away from the books the “Christian author” community totes as the next best thing. But I finally caved (because I genuinely liked the author) and bought it. And … it was worth it. Rather than trite and cliche, it’s raw and real and reminded me that even at 2 am, a crying baby is still a miracle.

Clueless in the Kitchen — Ok so this isn’t technically a “reading” book (though, honestly, I highly recommend just reading it. It will make your day!). It’s a cook book.. but with a difference. It assumes that it’s reader knows nothing about cooking, preparing food, or how a kitchen even works. It was given to me when I first went away to college, and it’s still my most-used cookbook.

Getting Things Done — This is a classic from the 80’s. But it’s a classic for a reason. Some gems for me: touch it and deal with it immediately (by doing it, putting it on a list, or putting it away); if it can be done in 2 minutes or less, do it right away; and the systems of list, review, delegate. While it’s written for busy professionals, as a busy mom, there’s so much I got out of it.

Not enough time for reading

I don’t have the time I used to have, to be able to read as much as I would like. More than half of what I read is fiction, which I didn’t list. My tastes run to fantasy and science fiction, and I have specific authors I reread frequently. I am picky about what I read, since much of the fiction these days is, in my opinion, trash. But I still read almost a 100 books a year.

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