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Homeschool 101: The reason to homeschool

Perfect Parents Homeschooling has an image problem. Many parents think that homeschooling their child will magically make all the troubles of educating their child disappear. The image of smiling children, reading stories (at early ages of course!) and building elaborate models often dominates people’s thinking. For many new homeschoolers, the…

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Homeschool 101: What to expect when deschooling

What is deschooling again? Deschooling is a process of transitioning from institutional school – whether public, private or church school – to a homeschool environment. The way we traditionally think of “school” is very regimented, with schedules; separated subjects; special rooms, desks and tools; textbooks; and a teacher lecturing students…

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Homeschool 101: What does it mean to ‘deschool’?

What does it mean to ‘Deschool’? To deschool your children and yourself refers to a process of retraining and refocusing. Many people come to homeschooling from public school. They are used to thinking of education in terms of grade levels, marks and testing, workbooks and worksheets, essays and projects, and…

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