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Homeschool 101: What to expect when deschooling

What is deschooling? Deschooling is a process of transitioning from institutional school – whether public, private or church school – to a homeschool environment. The way we traditionally think of “school” is very regimented, with schedules; separated subjects; special rooms, desks and tools; textbooks; and a teacher lecturing students who…

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Homeschool 101: Why did I keep mine home?

Getting started So you’re thinking about homeschooling. Maybe you’ve even brought your kids home, and now you’re deschooling.  But where do you start? Start with exploring the reason why you are considering homeschooling your children. There are plenty of reasons to homeschool, and each is equally valid. Most parents have…

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A day in the life of a homeschooling mom

What does a typical homeschooling day look like? Homeschooling looks different for each and every family. It is largely a lifestyle choice, and no two families ever do anything exactly the same.  Your day will largely depend on your priorities, the method you choose to use to homeschool, and well..…

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