The Only Gift Guide for Moms You Need: What Mom Wants for Christmas!

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Do you know what your mom wants for Christmas? I did a poll recently (thanks readers!) to get a gift guide for moms. There was the usual: a full night’s uninterrupted sleep, a maid or housecleaning service, and possibly a grocery shopping service or meals delivered. But there were a few unusual items you told me, plus a few of my own wishes. 

The gift guide for moms:

Go for the unusual!

We moms are quirky people. Sometimes we want some unusual, one-of-a-kind items. 

Check out these towels!  You could get a towel that looks like a giant pizza, or maybe a watermelon or strawberry. Think of going to the beach next summer with one of these. 

Or maybe a novelty mug? From mugs that change when they get heated to fun messages, there’s something for every mom. Personally, I love mine, and I would love more just like it. The one I have says, “I’m not a book worm. I’m a book dragon!” 

Comfort, please!

Moms just want to be comfortable. Which is perfectly understandable, given how much work a mother does in any given day. 

I want one of these blankets. Soft, but with enough heft to them to make them feel comforting. I’m afraid one of my girls would steal it on me, though! 

You could also try a set of footie pajamas. Just right for Christmas Eve! 

And slippers are always a classic choice for mom. Just remember that mom will probably wear slippers both in and out of the house, so buy accordingly. Try these super soft indoor/outdoor slippers. (Definitely on my buy list!)

Satisfy Mom’s Sweet Tooth

Mmmm you can’t go wrong with chocolate. Now we all have our own favorites. I love dark chocolate — the darker the better. My daughter prefers chocolate caramels, and one of my oldest friends likes white chocolate best. So you’ll have to know your mom well to get her favorite treat. 

Or maybe a coffee or tea gift set? Just about every mom likes a warm beverage (when she can have it actually still warm!), so try out a sampler set of flavors and options just for her. Maybe pair with a novelty mug set too? 

Something she needs!

One of the most wanted items in my polls were things mom needs, but had been putting off getting. These were usually kitchen appliances, but sometimes they were other kinds of tools. 

Like super-hot toys, the super-hot mom-gift for a few years now has to be the Instant Pot. Everyone is asking for this part-slow-cooker, part-pressure-cooker, part-microwave device that saves time but still lets mom make home-cooked meals. 

On my wish list is a Roomba, or other robot vacuum.  While some families have an automatic vacuum in the form of a dog, I can’t seem to keep my floors clean. So I want an automatic vacuum that I can just let loose all day, to try to keep up with my busy family.

Another surprising item for mom is the Indoor Food Recycler. We all want to be eco-friendly, but composting can be smelly, gross.. and well flies. Enough said. This handy device makes composting a breeze without any mess. Put food scraps in, get nice soil out, in hours. It’s a high end gift with tons of reward!

Mom wants help!

This was the most-wished-for item on the lists. Mom wants help. And she wants gift cards. 

A popular place to get gift cards, of course, is Amazon. When you get a gift card for Amazon, mom can get what she needs and what she wants. And get it delivered, which is also something just about every mom wants. 

You can also try a gift certificate for maid service, whether a one-time-cleaning or an ongoing service. Or if you don’t want to necessarily pay for a service, send mom out for coffee and surprise her with a clean home when you get back. Don’t forget to vacuum under the furniture and dust the ceiling fans! 

Or sign up for a meal-delivery service. You can get one that sends you the ingredients and instructions for cooking, or you can go for a gift card for a local take-out place. Either way, mom will appreciate not having to cook for at least one night. 

What’s on the DO NOT list?

There are a few things that mom does NOT want to get for Christmas. You’ll want to avoid these items:

  • causes her more work (ie something she has to wash/dust)
  • implies something’s wrong with her (ie exercise equipment)
  • thoughtless, careless (ie last minute stale candy from the gas station)
  • things that show lack of knowledge about her (ie the color she hates, the brand she is allergic to)

Mom will like just about anything you get her.

Seriously, we’re good like that. Moms appreciate thoughtful gifts, even if they aren’t exactly what she wanted. That’s why we live for the hand-crafted cards and the sticky crayon drawings from our children. And we love the simple items — a scented candle, a dinner out, or just a bouquet of flowers are often enough to make us smile. 

Don’t forget to buy mom a present for Christmas.

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