Homeschooling Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s as a homeschooler just isn’t the same.

Homeschool Valentines can be kind of fun, but it isn’t going to be the same as public school. It’s one of the biggest drawbacks to homeschooling. It’s hard to do those fun “school spirit” activities that can only be done with larger groups of kids. Class parties, crazy hair days and minor holiday celebrations are just a little different when you homeschool. But that’s not to say you can’t do them. You just have to get creative.

Here are a few ideas to help you celebrate Valentine’s Day as a homeschooler.


School classrooms might get decorated with hearts and flowers, and you can do the same at home. Dollar stores and discount stores often have tons of affordable options to dress up your house for the holidays. So get the pink and red tinsel, the fun vases and fake flowers, and go wild. Or.. rather, let the kids go wild!

My kids have a blast every year decorating for each holiday that comes around. We even decorate for the season changes, on the solstice and equinoxes. It’s a great way to clean too (wink wink) without your kids feeling like its a huge chore.

We love wall and window stickers, fun signs and themed art, and little knickknacks that are holiday-specific. We have special candles for Valentine’s too, so that it smells like chocolate around here!

Make the Valentines!

So you can’t send valentines to every child in a school classroom, when you might only have a couple of kids at home. But, what about making valentines for neighbours and community helpers? The postal worker who brings your mail, the crossing guard at the corner, the teen at the drive thru window and the cashier at the grocery store might all appreciate a little heart-felt token from a small child with a smile.

And think how much fun they’ll have dropping off cards at all the neighbours? Not only do your kids get to exercise, but it’s a great way to connect with the neighbours and build community.

So break out the construction paper and glitter. It’s art class! Make homeschool valentines for everyone you can think of. We’re not limited to our classroom.

Treats for everyone!

Nevermind the stale Valentine’s chocolate at the store. Stop by bulk food store and get some melting wafers and silicone molds. You can make your own treats at home!

Or maybe you’ll make sugar cookie hearts with the kids, and let them ice their own. It’s a bit easier to limit the sugar when the cookies are too cute to eat!

And since we homeschool, there’s no need to make sure your treats are “school safe”. Or worry about the ones that aren’t. You can make the cakes and cupcakes that are perfect for your family — whether you have allergies or not.

Time to make some yummy homeschool valentines. Bonus: it’s chemistry class!

Make it a family day.

Instead of a class party, make it a day to celebrate with family. Maybe this is an opportunity to focus on kindness as a family. Or maybe it’s a day to have a special meal together. Maybe you skip the extracurriculars tonight so you can go out bowling, go on a walk, or laugh through some board games instead. Valentine’s Day celebrates love, so this is a perfect excuse to love on each other.

We tend to have a day-long movie-and-Monopoly marathon, now that my kids are older. There’s lots of laughter and casual competition as my kids bargain with each other, team up and (usually) gang up on me!

Theme your homeschool

You can bring Valentine’s Day into your homeschool too. Pause on the regular scheduled school, and get a Valentine’s themed activity book. Read stories about kindness and family. Learn about the history of the holiday, or the mythology behind Cupid. Where did the first “valentine” come from anyway?

Grab my new activity book with your younger children, or challenge your older children to come up with their own. My kids — even my older ones — love working on fun puzzles, coloring themed pictures, and just relaxing on a special day.

It makes a nice break from the regular work.

Do you miss school Valentine's Day parties? Homeschool valentines are much more fun. Here are some things you can do to celebrate!

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