Internet Rules for Children


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Need help to teach your child how to stay safe online? Download these 10 Internet Safety Rules, in handy printable format.


Keeping our children safe online seems to be harder and harder these days.  But just as we teach our children road safety, bike safety and stranger danger rules, we need to teach them about internet and social media safety.

There are so many good resources online, that keeping your kids completely off the internet is nearly impossible. But sometimes children can trust the wrong person, and could end up in real trouble.  For example, we all know that you shouldn’t give out your physical address on a public chatroom — but what about telling others where your swimming lessons are, or what library you’re going to?

Help your children stay safe online by teaching them some basic internet safety rules. Obviously, there’s more to internet safety than just a few guidelines, but these 10 rules will give you a starting point.

If you aren’t sure what you need to teach your kids to help them stay safe online, without scaring them, help is here. This printable poster will give you easy-to-understand rules for you and your children on how to use the internet and stay safe. 


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