Spring Science Study


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A 20-page unit study on spring science. Best suited for younger learners, kindergarten to grade 2. Have fun with spring science, with reading, worksheets, diagrams and coloring!


Learn more about the Science of Spring.

Spring is a pretty cool (no pun intended) time of year. There’s so much to learn about spring. In this 20-page unit study, your young students can learn some great spring science. Answer the questions of what makes spring? Learn all about the water cycle. And use water, in all its forms, to find out about the different kinds of matter. And just to finish out spring science, learn how rainbows are made.

Reading information is included, along with questions and answers for older students. Label the diagrams to help cement the concepts. And for your youngest learners, there are some neat coloring sheets!

This unit study is best suited for Kindergarten to Grade 2.

But if you need something simple for older students, this would be an easy introduction to a longer study of spring science.

Bonus: check out the neat science experiment. And for extended learning, there are some suggested research topics. Inspire your children’s curiosity with this study of spring science.


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