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We study space and astronomy in first grade in this homeschool. It’s a fun topic that’s easily accessible for even the non-reader or just beginning reader. And there are tons of picture books, documentaries and even kids’ educational shows that make this topic a lot of fun! So I’ve put together my list of Space and Astronomy science resources that we’ve used.

Humanity has been fascinated with space for as long as we have been around. The ancients built monuments and buildings aligned with celestial events. We’ve used the stars to navigate, mark time, determine festivals and when to plant. Religion, culture and science advancements have all be spawned from studying the stars.

The Space and Astronomy resources:

Fun stories can bring science to life. And we love reading fun stories about topics we’re studying. There are tons of great space-themed stories, from going to the moon to meeting aliens. And you can even enjoy stories taken from real life, like biographies of the astronauts or how some important astronomical discoveries were made.

Picture books:

Space-themed picture books give young children a great visual introduction to the universe. Whether the book uses colorized photos from NASA or cartoon images, your early elementary student will love learning about space with a good picture book.

Read-aloud or Chapter Books:

Space exploration sparked an entire genre of fiction. And many fiction stories have later been the beginning of several modern inventions. Kids who grow up with science fiction stories may end up being the geniuses of tomorrow that shape our modern society. Get them started on their journey of discovery with these read-alouds.

For non-fiction & informative reading:

Some of my favorite non-fiction series for science are the DK Eyewitness, and the “The Magic School Bus” series. Space science is one of the most accessible sciences for kids, so there’s tons of choices, especially for younger children. Invest in books with great pictures, because that’s attention grabbing and will help your kids remember the facts!

Multimedia options

Roman archaeology has been ongoing since the days Rome’s existance! The Roman world stretches for a thousand years, so by the end of the empire, the beginnings were already being excavated and studied. Today, we’re still finding ancient Roman villas, mosaics, coins and artifacts throughout Europe, northern Africa, and the Middle East.

Here are a couple of the more interesting documentaries we’ve watched. (Some of them are so cheesy, they’re hilarious and my kids love them!!)

Also, I highly recommend the YouTube channel “SciShow Space“, filled with easy-to-understand short videos on some of the more interesting parts of space and astronomy.

Activities you can do:

These lapbooks and unit studies make fantastic activities to help guide your learning:

You can get hands-on with these space-themed kits too!

Other Astronomy Resources:

Here are some interactive websites that will help you and your kids learn more about space and astronomy:

Plus don’t forget to go to a planetarium or observatory and see the stars for yourselves! And if an astronaut visits near you, be sure to attend. These amazing people love to talk to curious kids!

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What’s your favorite way to study science? Do you prefer to watch it, read about it, or get hands-on?

Outer space is colorful and amazing. Study astronomy with these space science resources, for all ages! From books to models to videos, you can find it here.

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