Find Simple Seasonal Decor on a Budget

I’ve always wanted to be one of those people that decorate their homes beautifully. I secretly love the kitschy Christmas decor — wreaths, handtowels, little figurines, the whole nine yards. But then I had children. And well, figurines and tinsel aren’t practical with little hands around. Not to mention my lack of time.

Now that my girls are older, I am beginning to decorate more. My kids are helping. Decorating with kids isn’t always easy, but it’s always fun. To make simple fall decor (and holiday decor) look nice, here’s what I’m doing. 

1. Make it Yourself

This is the part my kids love the most. And really, it’s kind of cute. We made craft stick scarecrows, pine-cone turkeys, and paper-bag pumpkins to decorate our home, along with some of our store-bought decorations. 

Making the decorations is part of the fun. These are simple crafts, that even the youngest crafter can help with. And the memories after we’re finished will help us celebrate year after year. 

Whether your kids make ornaments, cards, table pieces or just pictures to hang on the fridge, you can make some of the decorations you use every year. And it can be one of the family traditions and memory-making occasions that are part of the seasonal celebrations. 

2. Dollar Store Finds

We’re fortunate to have a chain of discount dollar stores with an ever expanding inventory. And some of the items are of surprising quality. There are also some really cute decorative things too. 

One of our favorite kinds of decorations to get from the dollar store are wall and window stickers. These look nice, are kid-friendly and relatively baby-safe, and they don’t damage the walls or windows. And because they’re cheap, if they only last one year, it’s not a big deal. 

We’ve gotten battery-operated lights, simple bells and hanging tapestries from our local dollar store. And we’ve bought outdoor garden figurines, signs, and pinwheels too. I’ve found solar lights, candles, door hangers, and posters as well. There’s always something new to look at. 

3. Repurpose old things

Sometimes we forget what we have stored in the boxes and bags right? I cleaned out my basement this summer, and reorganized, and I found some real gems. 

There were boxes I had left unopened from our move 3 years ago, and when I opened them, I found items that I had bought when my ex and I bought a house together. I had bought them in hopes of creating a home, and when my marriage ended, they were unused, and packed away. 

It seemed fitting then, to bring them out and use them now, in our new home. This fall marks the longest amount of time I’ve ever lived at one address since I moved out on my own. What better way to mark that milestone than by turning old items into new use. 

Take a look around in your closets and storage areas.

Maybe you’ve got things passed down from relatives who’ve since passed on, that you packed away in grief. Bring them out now and use them in joy.

Or maybe you’ve got old things that didn’t have a use once upon a time, but you can, with a little adjustment, reuse now? Get creative! 

You can look nice without breaking the bank. 

While I have a dream of covering my home in seasonal decor when my kids are grown and gone, for right now, simple is best. And you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get simple, yet festive, decorations. You can make your home look amazing with just a few additions. And the memories you’ll make or revisit while doing so are just part of the fun. 

What kinds of decorations do you do at this time of year? What will you add? 

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