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Task Tracking: the Index Card system

Not a task I enjoy The task of keeping up with my home has always challenged me. This may surprise some people, and others may just smirk, but I am not a naturally organized person. My mother despaired of me ever learning time management skills, or even basic housekeeping as…

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If I’m Gifted, Why Am I so Thick?

This is a guest post, but the author chooses to remain anonymous. As a gifted adult, this resonates on so many levels. As a mother, raising a gifted child, I see this in my own daughter.  For reasons which will become clear later, I’ve been researching giftedness. I first developed an interest in the subject when I taught a kid who was on Ritalin, even though it was blatantly obvious to me that his problem was sheer boredom. His brain was so fast, neither his…

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Daily Minimum Maintenance: Busy Mom Cleaning Tips

Life is busy. There’s no time to clean. Life gets crazy busy, right? Between work, school, and all the kids’ activities, when do you have time to clean? But no one likes to come home to a cluttered house, with funky smells in the fridge or sticky stuff on the…

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