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Helpful Hints to get your Through the Holidays

There are just a few weeks left till Christmas!! The store displays are going up (they went up in August!!) and soon you’ll be hearing the cheery sounds of Christmas music. The parade times are being announced, and everyone is planning for the concerts, plays and pageants. I don’t know…

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Homeschool 101: What to expect when deschooling

What is deschooling? Deschooling is a process of transitioning from institutional school – whether public, private or church school – to a homeschool environment. The way we traditionally think of “school” is very regimented, with schedules; separated subjects; special rooms, desks and tools; textbooks; and a teacher lecturing students who…

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How to Teach your Child to Share

“In Kindergarten, we share everything!” The Robert Munsch book, “We Share Everything”, talks about teaching two little kindergarten students how to share. By the end of the book, the teacher is stunned at how well the children learned to share — they share their clothes! While you want to teach your…

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