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To the Desperately Overwhelmed Mom

Hey self, how are you? Don’t have time to breathe huh? Feeling desperately overwhelmed? Well sit back for a moment, put down your phone and read these few paragraphs. Let me remind you of a few things. I get that you’re busy. There’s a lot to do! Kids, baby, teens,…

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To the Mom of Just One Child

I was once where you are, with just one child. For four years, I had a delightful, aggravating, adorable and annoying little girl, all to myself. It was just her and me, and I didn’t know if I was going to have any more. Being a mom of one, no…

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Single parenting: Taking Time Off

As a mother, it’s rare that I get time off. As a single mother, taking time off happens more than it did as a married mother, oddly enough. My children’s father does regularly take our children for his visitation weekends, so I get approximately 48 hours out of 2 weeks…

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