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Birth story: Light of Joy

Motherhood surprised me again I conceived my second daughter the night I got engaged. The first inkling of her coming happened about two weeks later, when I had a craving for, of all things, broccoli. I’m not known for my preference for vegetables.  I was a bit of a picky…

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Birth story: Promise of strength

Motherhood began with a shock I was all of 19 years old when I discovered I was going to become a mother. 19 years old, just finished my first year of university, at home with my parents for the summer, and the relationship from which child resulted had ended. I’d…

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Not raising children

Identity As a single parent, I wear many hats. I’m mom and dad, in a lot of ways, though my children’s father is as involved as he wants to be.  I’m raising my children mostly on my own. I’m also their teacher, given that I’ve chosen to homeschool. Though even…

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