Spring Scavenger Hunt Worksheet


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It’s time for spring!

Can you find all the signs of spring? Grab your spring scavenger hunt list, put on your hat and mitts, and go looking for spring. It’s here, but it may be hiding. What are the signs of spring where you are?


It’s time for spring!

Get out into nature and go on a Spring Scavenger Hunt. Look for the signs of spring in your area, with this handy checklist. What will you find when you look?

Teach your kids how to observe nature, and look carefully for the items on the list. Be careful, you might step on something! Every item is a teaching opportunity, from discussing why the sky is blue to how trees grow leaves every spring. Excite your child’s natural curiosity. And get the wiggles out at the same time.

If spring fever has taken over your home, it’s time for a Spring Scavenger Hunt. What are you waiting for? Bundle up, because early spring can still be cold, but don’t let that stop you. Head outside on a sunny day, and look around you. The world is waking up from a long winter’s nap. Spring is here, and the signs are everywhere. Can you find them all?


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