The Guide to Gifts for Girls Who Love Science

Do you have a future astronaut or marine biologist daughter? Here's the Scientifically Reviewed guide to gifts for girls who love science!

My girls love science and technology. And I love that they love it! But have you ever noticed that much of the science and tech toys out there aren’t exactly gender neutral? If you’re having trouble finding gifts that encourage your daughter’s interests in the sciences, here’s our guide to gifts for girls who love science!

*”Scientifically” reviewed by my daughters*

Gifts for Girls who Love Science

1. Science Experiment Tools Kit

First on our list of gifts for girls who love science is this science tools kit from Learning Resources. Designed for early learners, this sturdy kit gives you all the tools you need to encourage your young daughter (or son!) in exploring their world. And with the handy easy-to-follow experiment cards, even early readers can be independent in their scientific studies.

We bought this used when my girls were little. And even now that we’re almost out of the early learner stage, older kids still use some of these tools. They are just too useful!

2. A Telescope

One of the most accessible sciences for kids is Astronomy. It’s one of the reasons we start our science studies with our Space & Astronomy science unit. So for those future astronauts and space explorers, start them off with a quality telescope.

We like this one from Qooarker. It’s sturdy enough to use with even young children, but still gives enough clarity to make looking at the moon and finding the planets exciting.

It’s got a nice tripod for stability and it’s super portable too. So you can take it on a late-night drive out to a dark part of the countryside on a clear night, and truly enjoy nature’s spectacle.

3. A Microscope

From the giants of space to the microscopic world, there’s something to discover everywhere. The third scientific tool I highly recommend is a good, child-friendly microscope. Even better if you can get one with already-prepared slides (so they can learn how to use the microscope) and blank ones for when they’re ready to expand.

We like this one from IQCrew. It’s solid plastic, to cut down on the cost and still keep it kid-friendly. But it has all the bells-and-whistles you want in a decent microscope. Plus, with this particular kit, you get a great resource book and the instructions.

4. Simple Machines Set

To round out our sciences kits, check out this Simple Machines set. Introduce your child to physics with simple machines. And while they’re having fun building, they’re also learning about pushes & pulls, forces and energy, and basic engineering concepts.

5. Lego Creatives Set

Classic Lego has long been the staple for the science-minded kid. And for good reason! There are so many things you can do with it!!

Let your son or daughter get creative with this open-ended set. There’s no set model to build. It’s just free play. And then your kids can really get into building, with a variety of pieces. What works, what doesn’t — let them explore and figure that out for themselves.

It’s the best way to learn science! Idea>Test>Observe>Conclude … that’s the scientific method in a nutshell.

6. A Robot

There are tons of robot kits and toys out there to choose from. Whether you want to have your child build their own or program a robot, you can find the perfect set! We like this robot, with gesture and remote control programming.

Robots not only capture your child’s imagination, but they’re great learning tools. With logical and critical thinking skills, your child can prepare for a great future. And have fun too!

7. A Terrarium

Like an aquarium, a terrarium connects us to nature inside — without the daily responsibility of feeding and cleaning. A terrarium can be completely hands off! We liked this little model, with it’s miniature figurines. (In fact, my 7 yr old squealed when she saw the rabbit!)

The cool thing about this terrarium is it’s light-up feature, making it a useful nightlight too. And the layers can really help you see what’s going on inside. Learn biology & get a cute and fascinating nightlight too!

8. A Rocket Launcher

There’s nothing like the power of flight to excite the imagination! Spur your kids on to greater heights with a rocket launcher. You could use a bottle rocket, or build your own model from a kit — or use this version! We like this rocket launcher because it combines the science of rockets with the fun of a game!

Your girl can challenge you or a sibling to a flight height challenge, and learn about force, wind power and flight stability all at the same time. Science should be fun, and this definitely helps!

9. Augmented Reality Globe

Remember the fun of mapping out the trip to Grandma’s? Or learning how to use a compass in Girl Guides or Scouts? Learning about other places is fantastic. And this globe educational toy, with its app, definitely helps extend the learning fun.

So you get the globe, and you can see where you are in relation to the rest of the world. That’s fun in itself. Then you can see all the other landmarks and cultural references on it. Now add your tablet or phone app. When you hold the camera in the app over the picture on the globe, not only does it pop out in 3D, but you get a ton of cool facts too!

10. Head outdoors for a bug hunt!

Ok so this is another science tools kit, but it’s meant for outdoor science. And what kid doesn’t love playing outside? (Well.. me, but that’s because I’m allergic to grass! Thank goodness for allergy meds!) This Big Bag of Backyard Science tool kit is full of all the kid-friendly tools you need to explore the outdoors, scientifically!

Use the magnifying glass to check out the scales on a butterfly wing, or the root hairs on a carrot. Catch bugs in the bug jars for study. Use the thermometer and other tools to monitor the weather. And tons more! There’s even a journal inside to help you track your ideas.

Bonus 11: Marble Maze

So my kids love these kinds of toys. A “Rube Goldberg” machine in a box, marble mazes let your kids play with physics like little else does. And this Gravity Maze takes the traditional marble maze up a notch. It adds the challenges of logic puzzles and a board game to a marble maze for hours of scientifically fun play.

And that’s our recommendations for gifts for girls who love science! Let your girls’ (and boys’) imaginations soar with some science toys and tools this year. Being entertained while you’re learning is the best way to learn! And somehow, educational play is more fun too.

I can’t wait to play with my kids this year, with some of these toys and kits!

Do you have a future astronaut or marine biologist daughter? Here's the Scientifically Reviewed guide to gifts for girls who love science!

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