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A day in the life of a homeschooling mom

What does a typical homeschooling day look like? Homeschooling looks different for each and every family. It is largely a lifestyle choice, and no two families ever do anything exactly the same.  Your day will largely depend on your priorities, the method you choose to use to homeschool, and well..…

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The Rhythm of Routine: How to create routines that make space for everything!

It’s About Creating Time Spaces Routines create space for everything in your life. You need to know how to create routines that work for you and your family. So how do you make a routine? What is a routine anyway? A routine is a series of events tied together by the…

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Routines and Schedules: Which do you prefer?

**This post contains affiliate links. Please view our disclosure for details.** Schedules Once upon a time I bought a book. There wasn’t anything unusual about this, as I am a book lover. I buy more bookshelves for my books (because you can never have too many books!!), and I’ve often…

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