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Money Management: hard won lessons

How to manage your money I didn’t know how to manage money well when I first lived on my own. As a college student, then a young mother, money management was confusing and challenging. It took a few years before I figured out the basics on how to manage your…

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A day in the life of a homeschooling mom

What does a typical homeschooling day look like? Homeschooling looks different for each and every family. It is largely a lifestyle choice, and no two families ever do anything exactly the same.  Your day will largely depend on your priorities, the method you choose to use to homeschool, and well..…

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Routines and Schedules: Which do you prefer?

**This post contains affiliate links. Please view our disclosure for details.** Schedules Once upon a time I bought a book. There wasn’t anything unusual about this, as I am a book lover. I buy more bookshelves for my books (because you can never have too many books!!), and I’ve often…

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