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Update: 1 year old!

It’s been a whole year since my Summer Surprise arrived. This last year has been challenging, stretching and exhausting. But it’s also been fun, in many ways. When it all started… When I found out I was pregnant in the fall of 2016, to say I was shocked was an…

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The Comparison Game

Comparison can turn into a competition I was sitting beside another parent at my daughter’s swim lesson. We chatted briefly, and she mentioned she had 4 children, including twins. She smiled, like all moms of many do, and said that sometimes it was hard, but she loved it anyway. I…

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Getting help

Changes and moving. Shortly after the meeting with the developmental pediatrician, my then-husband and I were attempting to try again. And we found out we were expecting again. We moved into a new house, one with a large yard, because 4 children do not fit well into a 2-bedroom apartment.…

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