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To the Mom of Many Young Children

To the mom of many young children… Hey there..  Thanks for reading. I know you’re probably stealing a few minutes between diaper changes, or maybe reading a few sentences while nursing the littlest. You probably won’t read all of this all at once, and you’ll have to bookmark it to…

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Your Morning Routine — Wake up to Win

Mornings are not my friend I am not a morning person. My circadian rhythm is firmly stuck in night owl mode, so I struggle with mornings. I’m groggy, I’m sleepy-eyed, and I don’t move all that fast. It’s hard to get started first thing in the morning, and I often…

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Expectation, motivation and inspiration!

New Year’s Resolutions I always have this sense of expectation whenever a new year rolls around. I have this idea that “This time, I’ll do it right.” I feel all kinds of motivation to do things differently. And that’s never true. Deep down, I know it’s not true, but I…

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